Why Choose MOCC

Robyn Farmer

Manual osteopathy has impacted my current practice in a fundamental way. The MOT program has given me the ability to assess and treat the body using modalities like Osteoarticulations, myofascial remodelling and cranial osteopathy, and now I find myself looking at the body through an entirely new lens. As we learn to integrate the different modules, we are able to assess dysfunctions using one modality and treat from another where appropriate. I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years and I’ve never been able to treat patients in the wholistic way that I am able to now.

Nuchnapha Sanpakdee

I have been working as a Registered Massage Therapist for almost 10 years. I am usually fully booked and when you see your regular clients keep coming back with the same issues, then you are left wondering what can you do better? How can you help your clients more, what was really the issue? Enrolling in the program was scary and made me nervous because I didn’t think I am capable of doing it. I have a small kid and I run my own practice and my schedule is already full. Then I listened to the Open House one day and my answer was YES, this is what I am looking to fulfill my career! That is it!

I was surprised how Manual Osteopathy affected my practice! There are so many clients who seek more help with their condition and my clinic is even busier, and I haven’t even finished the program yet, still halfway through. There is a lot of work and it is not easy, you need to earn it, but the support from the team at MOCC is truly amazing! They only selected beautiful people with good hearts, most passionate and knowledgeable and they are there to help. I’d like to say they set the program for you to succeed.

For those of you who are thinking about enrolling in this program, 13 months is a lot, but it is good to review your stuff and add more stuff to your practice. To take advantage of this economy and what’s going on around the world, keep your brain occupied with more knowledge. You won’t be disappointed!

Dongxia Wang

I have been practicing Massage Therapy for 20 years and I could’ve only explained everything to my clients on the muscle perspective. There must be more than muscles that causes body dysfunction. I was looking for alternatives and that’s when I found the MOT program at MOCC.

With 75% of my training being completed, I can’t recommend enough of the program and the school to all my fellow massage therapists, even other health practitioners. It totally opened my eyes to treating any dysfunction, it gives me so many new tools and makes me understand and treat body in many new ways. It really makes me a better therapist. I have been practicing on my clients and we both saw the changes that we couldn’t make with muscle work only. My clients were impressed with even just the student practicum. Both my clients and I are excited for my MOT practice after graduating.

The best part of MOCC is the supportive environment. You’ll get a well-designed program with knowledgeable instructors and supportive TA’s. If you need any help, the help is there. The office staff is awesome as well. They respond to you very soon if you have any questions. Overall, this is a great program in a great school.

Samantha Marriott

MOCC’s program has elevated my practice more than I knew possible. From the very first module I was bringing a deeper knowledge and level of care to clients, achieving significant results that years of massage had not. Aiming to provide greater and more lasting relief to clients, I was surprised by how quickly this was realized while often going even further for full resolution of symptoms.

My clients are raving about MOT – in just 3 months of work I have reached a nearly 50/50 split of Osteo/Massage, resulting in a higher income while also providing much-needed relief to my own body. Truly can’t say enough – we need more MOTs in the world!!!

Matthew Somers

Finding a balance between school, work, home life, and mentorship can definitely be a challenge. I found it came down to having a passion for Manual Osteopathic Therapy.  I found that my excitement and passion would resonate to my clients and friends, and they would get excited about Manual Osteopathic Therapy. Mentorship has also been an amazing opportunity as someone who learns through teaching and talking about subject matter.

Shelley Douglas

As a National Certified Figure Skating Coach, I found Osteopathic therapy to help myself and my athletes with injury rehabilitation. I fell in love with the passive, non-invasive style of Osteopathic therapy and knew it was something that I wanted to bring to more people as well as the athletes I train. Taking the program through MOCC was an incredible learning experience and I felt my confidence grow with every new learning experience. It has been a very rewarding endeavour and it has helped me grow as a coach but most important as a therapist. I love bringing this therapy to people every day in my practice and on the ice with my athletes.

Elina Viola

Hello, my present career is a Pilates Instructor. Having said that, I have been collaborating with practitioners such as Chiropractors, Physio therapists and Professional Figure Skating coaches to help assist their clientele in recovery programs. Working as a team with these practitioners and fitness experts, my investment to the clients has been much deeper than delivering a great fitness regime through Pilates. I have always been interested in health of the body to attain fitness goals, however, as I’ve streamlined to be an active part of a rehab team, my personal desire to learn more and be able to both access and treat clients has heightened. This heightened drive led me to the MOT (Manual Osteopathic Therapy) program. I enrolled to MOCC this past September 2020 and have been extremely excited on a daily basis ever since.  The learning and application of skills from my schooling with MOCC are steering me to be a better Pilates Instructor, a hands-on therapist, an active team player with other practitioners and a fulfilled student of the health field. I highly recommend investing an education with MOCC.

Isabel Calaus

I love how the program is organized: the study guide, the online videos, and the support from instructors and staff. After starting this program, my clients have been seeing improvement from the first treatment. I’m happy that I decided to take this program! There is no easy path to success; Life will always test you in different ways to make you stronger. So always think positive in every difficult situation and always remember why you started the journey. This journey will give you more avenues to help other people effectively and efficiently, which will lead me to my next journey. Don’t forget the people who were there for you throughout the journey.

Lin Dai Linda Fok

As an RMT, I am so glad that I had taken the Manual Osteopathy Therapy course. I can’t believe how much it helps my practice as a massage therapist. I think differently now when I am working on my clients. Not only do I work on the muscles or the trigger points, but the root of the problem, the pain!

Shannon Ruzicka

My favourite part of MOCC is the exceptional instructors! They possess a wealth of knowledge and professional experience that is our greatest resource for success. With only a weekend each month, they give plenty of hands-on time allowing us to be ingrained with the feel of the treatments and the expected outcome for our clients. The majority of the learning occurs at home and in clinic, therefore, practice is the key to success!

Grace Levesque

This Manual Osteopathic Therapy journey has been so challenging for me. Choosing between my Chiropractic Family, whom I worked with for almost eight years and to come up with the decision to go wasn’t easy. For the first two months of school, I got behind with my practicum hours. For some reason I couldn’t practice and gather hours from the clinic; that was the toughest decision I have ever made during pandemic. On top of that, opening a new business and with six-year-old to take care of, it was a really scary and stressful first few months. But with the help and support of Manual Osteopathic Therapy school staff, things got easier and to catch up with my hours. Thanks to all my regular clients for sticking up with me and with the help of social media and local newspaper for advertising really helps, I am seeing four to five clients per day since, adding 10-30 extra minutes for MOT goes a long way (they were really appreciative and loved it). It was the ‘extra mile’ they said, plus doing all the extra administrative work, even when I get home, has helped me gathered hours.

Manual Osteopathic Therapy has helped a lot in my practice as a gained more confidence in understanding and dealing with the body. My clients have benefited a lot as my practice now is more “person-centered” based approach, looking at each and every body more globally. Also, I became more curious about how human anatomy works and how to naturally help my clients address their issues and regain their health and wellness. This became the “mission-vision” statement of my Manual Therapy business.